Designing and Building a Microcruiser

Balanced Lug Sail

After much deliberation and head scratching and sleepless nights, I am totally convinced that the balanced lug sail, with a freestanding mast, is the answer for me. I have watched many videos and read countless pages on this rig and I am totally happy that this is the way forward for me. The video that impressed me most is that of SCAMP sailing, beautiful boat, expertly built, clever designer, all in all a work of art. SCAMP is a beauty. What impressed me most was the clever and functional reefing system on the port side of the boom. Add to that lazy jacks, and you have a formula for a very smart cruising rig, economical to build in a 3rd world country, and easy to fix and repair.

Steering will still be with the twin rudder system, add to that a Raymarine ST 1000 tiller pilot, and finally a windvane similar to that which Rory McDougal used on Cookie. This windvane was a design from the book of Bill Belcher – Wind Vane Self Steering.


February 19, 2012 - Posted by | Boatbuilding

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